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Overview - 1200-1400-1214 Series Toolbar

The 1400/1200 toolbars were introduced in 1990. These bars feature a wider, more stable hinge and a true flatfold in the 1400 toolbar. This series of toolbars uses 3/8” wall 7” x 7” tubing standard. In 1993 toolbars wider than 12 row 30” include a 1/2” wall center section. These 1/2” wall bars use a narrower folding mechanism which can be recognized by the fact that the folding wheels of the mechanism do not have a plastic wear disc attached to the outside of the wheel like the 3/8” wall toolbars do. In 1994 a high capacity folding mechanism was introduced on the 16 row 30” cultivator versions to allow them to handle more weight on the wing. This high capacity mechanism is painted black and only allows the wings to only fold 170 degrees. In 1995 1400/1200 toolbars were introduced. These toolbars can be switched from 180 degree folding to 90 degree folding by simply switching the point at where the base of the folding cylinder is anchored in the center section. These bars can be recognized by the fact that they have two anchor holes in each end of the center section. A few earlier attempts at this design require the use of two different cylinders to achieve this 90/180 switch, double anchor hole bars with xx94-xxxx serial numbers could require this.

Due to the fact that many toolbars are made to custom lengths, it is asked that the length of the center and wings be actually measured from the hinge pin before ordering. These toolbars can be equipped with a variety of Orthman hitches and gauge wheels. In many cases these hitches are made to fit the length of a specific toolbar. It is also advised that the length of any single piece hitch frame be measured to insure the correct replacement.

The following list of parts are intended as a guide. We feel that it would be prudent to carry the following items in stock at each dealership during the use season of this product. The quantities listed are for every 10 units which have been sold in the dealership trade area. As with any Orthman product warning decals are available from us at no charge for this product.

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KeyQtyPart #Description
11194-440 Seal kit fits cylinders used in 1200, 1400, 1214, 1500 & 1550 series toolbars