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Coupler Packages - Overview

Coupler packages were introduced in 1990 for use on the new Orthman 1200 series folding toolbar and 900 series Stacker bar.  The 1200 series toolbar features a wider hinge which interferes with the seed shaft.  The coupler package eliminates this problem.  The 900 series stacker bar utilizes a flexing wing which requires the coupling point of the seed shaft to be aligned with the hinge pin to avoid uncoupling or binding when wings flex up or down.


There is an Operator’s Manual which is available under part number IM-90-21 for 1200 folding and 900 stacker bars for Max Emergeä planters and IM-93-02 for 900 stacker bar flex seed shafts for Case-IHä plate planters.


The following list of parts are intended as a guide. We feel that it would be prudent to carry the following items in stock at each dealership during the use season of this product. The quantities listed are for every 10 units which have been sold in the dealership trade area. As with any Orthman products warning decals are available from us at no charge for this product.



KeyQtyPart #Description
11301-435 7/8” Hex sprocket Used on 900 stacker bars
51301-758 Chain Used on 1200 folding bar
132152-292 Quick coupler Used on 900 stacker bars
161301-218 Sprocket and flange flex coupler Used on 1200 folding bar
251317-776 Chain Used on 900 stacker bar
281318-111 U-joint assembly Used on 1200 folding bar
322120-013 Bearing Used on all packages