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Chain Drive - Overview

The ratchet drive transmission was developed in 1977 for customers mounting John Deereä7100 Max Emergeä row units to an Orthman toolbar.  This allowed Orthman Manufacturing to sell all the accessories needed to complete the planter setup.  The first transmission consisted of bolt-on Orthman side plates and used the John Deereä gear cluster from the original transmission.  The following year a complete transmission was sold by Orthman.  Gear clusters from the Orthman transmission and John Deereä transmissions are interchangeable.  A top mount and narrow mount transmission was built from 1979 to 1982.  The top mount transmission mounted above the toolbar for soil flow clearance when used on a bedder configuration.  The narrow mount transmission was used on 20” row spacing machines.  A few special transmissions were sold in 1980 and 1981 for IHä Cyclo planters.  Instructions for sprocket ratios are found in the operator’s manual for the Max Emergeä planters.  The following information pertains to the standard mount transmission produced from 1977 to 1986.

The following list of parts are intended as a guide. We feel that it would be prudent to carry the following items in stock at each dealership during the use season of this product. The quantities listed are for every 10 units which have been sold in the dealership trade area. As with any Orthman products warning decals are available from us at no charge for this product.



KeyQtyPart #Description
72120-013 Bearing 2 1/16” O.D. x 7/8” Hex I.D.
551148-002 Spring Torsion, right
551148-002 Spring Torsion, left
582330-083 Dog
632120-010 Bearing 2 1/16 O.D. x 1” I.D.