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Adjust-A-Rate III GPS Overview

The Adjust-A-Rate 2 GPS system was introduced in 1997 to replace the Adjust-A-Rate 2 system. Improvements include a microprocessor controller with GPS positioning capabilities and weather-resistant electrical components. Hydraulic and frame assemblies are identical to the previous model. The Adjust-A-Rate 2 GPS is available in single, dual and triple drive configurations along with a pick-up wheel or radar interface for ground speed sensing. An update program was completed in the spring 1998 to update software and driver box components. An off-season checkout program for all Adjust-A-Rates is offered by the Orthman service department each winter. Contact the Orthman service manager for details. There are both an Operator’s Manual which is available under part number OM10-96-01 and a Technical Manual which is available under part number TM-97-01 offered for this implement. The following list of parts are intended as a guide. We feel that it would be prudent to carry the following items in stock at each dealership during the use season of this product. The quantities listed are for every 10 units which have been sold in the dealership trade area. As with any Orthman products warning decals are available from us at no charge for this product.

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Key Qty Part # Description
11 1 328-011 Ground speed sensor Found in Ground Speed Pickup Options
(Not Available)
21 1 126-020 Idler, #40, 1/2” Bore Found in Drive Assembly
(Not Available)
26 2 126-011 Sprocket, 40B15, 1” Bore Found in Drive Assembly
(Not Available)
28 1 126-068 Sprocket, 40B30 1" Bore Found in Drive Assembly
(Not Available)
29 1 126-069 Sprocket, 40B30, 7/8” Bore Found in Drive Assembly
(Not Available)
56 1 328-020 Motor sensor Found in Single Drive Assembly
(Not Available)

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