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Adjust-A-Rate I Overview

The Adjust-A-Rate 1 was produced from 1978 to 1985. The need to adjust population rates on the go was driven by customers wanting to plant the corners of their pivot irrigated fields at a lower rate than the crop under the pivot. Many of the electrical components are from Dickey-johnÔ spray controllers with Orthman building the frames and mounts. Three different frame configurations were available: narrow mount to 7” x 7” toolbar, frame to mount inside John Deere transmission, and an International Cyclo frame. The majority of these units were a single drive unit with a limited number of dual drive units produced. Beginning in 1981 a by-pass kit was included to prevent the drives from slowly turning when the planter was stopped. An off-season check out program for all Adjust-A-Rates is offered by the Orthman service department each winter. Contact the Orthman Service Manager for details.


An Operator’s Manual is available for this implement under part number OM03/83/02.