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9300 Overview

The 9300 was introduced in 1993. The 9300 is a high speed, compact medium residue cultivator. The 9300 is available with two barring-off discs options, a spring trip-auto reset shank, three sweep options, a ridging wing, fertilizer sweep tubes, four shielding options and two NH3 knife options. The 1993 models were universally updated in 1994 to strengthen the bar mount, shank clamp and adjuster detent. In 1995 the residue coulter was changed from a 20” ripple to a 18” smooth in a swept back fork. 1995 also was the year which we introduced a rolling fender for the 9300. 


An Operator’s Manual is available for this implement under part number OM01-93-01.

The following list of parts are intended as a guide. We feel that it would be prudent to carry the following items in stock at each dealership during the use season of this product. The quantities listed are for every 10 units which have been sold in the dealership trade area. As with any Orthman product, warning decals are available from us at no charge for this product.


Note:The "Add to Cart" button will add the recommended quantity to your shopping cart.  If you do not wish to order the recommended quantity, make adjustments in the shopping cart.



KeyQtyPart #Description
206120-070 Bearing Found in "barring off disc options"
209164-043 Point Found in "Sweep Options"
220Varies Sweep blade Found in "Sweep Options"
352313-350 Tire assembly Found in "Typical row unit"
464150-076 Seal Found in "Typical row unit"
474120-055 Bearing Found in "Typical row unit"
566315-261 Bearing Found in "Typical row unit"
1075317-924 Spring assembly Swivel hook Replaces item #82 Requires drilling item # 97 1/16” larger