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8325 8315 Overview

The 8325 was introduced in 1999. The 8325 is designed around the 8350 cultivator with a simplifed gauge wheel and “A” frame tail section. Features include forward swept barring-off disc and 20” smooth coulter for maximum residue capacity. The 8325 is available with three gauge wheel options, two sweep options, ridging wings, NH3 knife and a newly designed close top fender. A conversion package was available the first season to convert a 8350 cultivator on a dealer lot to a 8325. Refer to pre-1999 8350 row unit in section G if your cranks and/or trash coulter are different that those pictured in the 8325 row unit. A 3 piece western sweep was added in 2000.



Key Qty Part # Description
2 36 315-261 Bearing found in unit gauge wheel options
14 6 385-450 Tire assembly found in unit gauge wheel options
16 2 311-401 Spring assembly found in typical row unit
17 9 164-043 Point Found in "sweep options Requires one 104-039 roll pin
23 10 120-074 Bearing found in unit gauge wheel options
23 1 Varies Sweep blade Found in "sweep options"Order enough for 2 machines of the size popular in your area
(Not Available)
66 9 317-120 Coulter found in typical row unit