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Mount for IHC 50 Series

The Ram Hitch was introduced in its present form in 1982. While its original purpose was to provide a quick hitching method for the Orthman Bean Cutter its standardized ASAE category 2 design has made it popular for other front mounted applications. In 1985 we switched from a welded 3” lifting cylinder to a 2 1/2” tierod cylinder. In 1987 the category 2 quick hitch was changed from a top link latching design to a more conventional design where the two lower hooks latch. In 1991 split-ring replaceable bushings were designed into the point where the lifting turnbuckle attaches to the lower lift arm. In 1992 we went to a heavier top link which is a direct replacement for its predecessor.

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KeyQtyPart #Description
11331-724 Front mount assembly
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28100-230Bolt M20 x 50mm x 2.5, Gr.8.8
(Not Available)
38108-024Lock washer 7/8”
(Not Available)
42102-061Jam nut 1 1/8”
(Not Available)
52100-231Bolt 1 1/8” x 2 1/2”, Grade 5
(Not Available)
66100-159Bolt 3/4” x 2 3/4”, Grade 5
(Not Available)
76108-022Lock washer 3/4”
(Not Available)
86102-009Nut 3/4”
(Not Available)
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