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Ethanol engine for irrigationIntroducing the all-new Ethanol Powered irrigation engine!

Utilizing a closed-loop energy system, the Orthman Energy 8.1 Liter engine allows crop producers the opportunity to sell their corn to a local ethanol plant, buy back pure ethanol and use it to fuel specially modified irrigation pump engines at a substantial savings in fuel and production costs.

Equally important, it allows farmers to partially disconnect from the geographical and political policies of the petroleum fuel industry, particularly when it comes to the most critical aspect of crop production.

More Than An Engine

This General Motors 8.1 liter (494 cu. in.) engine has been modified to operate on up to 100 percent ethanol. However, government ATF regulations prohibit the sale of ethanol that doesn't have at least two to five percent gasoline in the mixture to limit its use for fuel only - which means the engine is powered on the purest form available.

And, Orthman Energy provides much more than an engine with its system. The purchase also includes a contract for the purchase and delivery of the fuel, a special tank for storage and the personal attention of an Orthman technician who can program the proprietary software for peak efficiency on each well.

Built With Proven, Existing Technology

Although ethanol-fueled engines have been researched and tested for a number of years, it was only recently that the Orthman GM 8.1-liter engine was developed and perfected. On average, it takes the team between six to eight hours to modify an engine. The team uses a currently available engine and then adds off-the-shelf components for the modification; this helps ensure against backlogs on production or downtime caused by a wait on specialty parts.

Among the modifications for ethanol are an electronically-controlled common-rail fuel injection system for precise fuel control; extra filtering systems, and a header exhaust system for reduced exhaust air restriction.

The prime component, however, is the engine's patent pending computer control system. Based on the constant speed of an engine for irrigation applications, the software has been specially programmed to control fuel injection in relationship to spark timing. Once the engine has been installed at the well site, the computer can be further tuned to match torque and efficiency to the well head gear ratio, well depth, flow rates, etc.

Real Savings

Thanks to the combination of engine modifications and its proprietary computer programming, the Orthman 8.1 Liter engine has consistently exhibited ethanol-per-hour consumption ratings of 5 to 6 gallons per hour. Although operating and economic conditions vary by region, and from one farm to the next, research has shown that the ethanol system saves approximately $8 per hour of operation versus a diesel engine at current fuel prices. Figuring that the average irrigation pump in the Midwest runs approximately 1,000 hours during a normal irrigation season, that's a total savings of around $8,000 per unit.

Due to the high octane level of ethanol, the Orthman 8.1 Liter engine also exhibits torque and horsepower that are more comparable to a diesel engine than one powered by gasoline or natural gas. Consequently, it has proven especially efficient when pumping water from deep wells in the southern Great Plains, pushing per-hour savings as high as $10 to $12.

Field Proven in Hundreds of Hours

Not only is the Orthman 8.1 Liter Alternative Energy System based on a field-proven engine, but the system itself has already been subjected to hundreds of hours of testing. By mid-summer 2008, there were already more than 30 engines in place from central Nebraska to southwest Kansas. All have performed flawlessly, which has prompted us to back each Orthman Energy 8.1 Liter engine with a full three-year warranty. Current estimates show that under average conditions, the engine will have paid for itself in as little as two years - essentially providing customers with one more year of warranty coverage at no cost. In effect, producers have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Numerous Additional Benefits

While the fuel and cost savings may be the greatest advantage of the Orthman 8.1 Liter Alternative Energy System, there are a number of other benefits that are important to every farmer who lives in America. The Orthman Energy system is better for the environment because:

The exhaust from denatured alcohol and the Orthman 8.1 Liter engine is cleaner than either diesel or natural gas.

Energy isn't being used to ship in more diesel or pipe in more natural gas, or to transport ethanol to metropolitan areas.

The system already meets stringent emissions requirements imposed in some areas.

No additional infrastructure is required to deliver energy to the well site.

Customers are not longer at the mercy of the petroleum market, which can be affected by hurricanes, refinery fires, conflicts in South America and the Middle East, or any of a number of other factors.

The additional use of ethanol helps improve and stabilize the local market for corn and other ethanol-producing grains.

The system has potential for use on any stationary, constant-speed power application, including power generation

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